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If you’re a coloured pencil artist, mixed media creative, or colouring book enthusiast, you'll know that the right tools can make all the difference to your creations. At Castle Arts, we have a fantastic range of high-quality coloured pencils for you to choose from, but if you’d like to take your artistic experience to new heights, our professional-grade Castle Gold collection is an excellent option.

As you progress as a colourist, you’ll experiment more with techniques like layering, blending, and burnishing, as well as adding more intricate details to your work. Castle Gold coloured pencils help you effortlessly master these essential skills and more, with rich pigments, greater hardness, and enhanced colour coverage designed to unlock your full artistic potential.

If you’re wondering whether the Castle Arts Gold range is right for you, or unsure which set you should go for, read on for a complete guide to our artist-grade coloured pencil selection and discover what makes them so special.

Close up of Castle Gold coloured pencils in a soft zip case.”>


What are the benefits of Castle Gold coloured pencils?

The Castle Gold range is often chosen by artists who want to build their skills, add a new dimension to their artwork, or simply expand their palette. They’re also a great choice if you’d like to experiment with oil-based coloured pencils alongside your favourite wax-based sets, as the two can create stunning results when used together.

We’re proud to offer premium, oil-based coloured pencils at an affordable price, making professional-grade art supplies more accessible to a range of artists.

Here’s what you can expect from our Castle Gold pencils:

  • Rich pigments
  • Formulated with oil for greater hardness
  • Breakage-resistant cores
  • More colouring time between sharpening
  • Excellent colour coverage
  • No unwanted wax bloom
  • Superior control over colour layering
  • Precision detailing
  • Colour-coded, numbered, and named for easy selection
  • Presented in a high-quality display tin or portable zip-up case
  • Set includes a 36-page handbook full of tips and demos
  • Comes with a 10-part tutorial to create stunning ’Gold Frieze’ images.


Castle Arts Soft-Core vs Castle Arts Gold coloured pencils: what’s the difference?

Loved by artists worldwide, the Castle Arts soft-core range can be used to create beautiful artwork and is a valued addition to any coloured pencil palette. Our classic soft-core pencils are made with a wax-based binder, which means they’re softer and have that “buttery smooth” feel as they go onto paper. Our wax-based coloured pencils are an excellent all-rounder, with a creamy consistency that makes it easy to blend, layer, and create smooth colour transitions.

Castle Gold coloured pencils have an oil-based binder, which means they’re harder, hold a point longer, and are more resistant to breakage. Experience ultra-vibrant pigments with more colouring time between sharpening and superior control in detailed areas.

The Castle Arts soft-core range and our flagship Castle Gold pencils each offer a unique selection of colours. Many artists enjoy the benefits of both palettes, switching up their pencils to achieve different results.

Both coloured pencil ranges are available in 72 and 120 sets and are stored in either a sturdy zip case or a compact display tin to suit your needs:

A selection of Castle Gold coloured pencils, sketchpads and a tester page laid out on a white background.


What’s included with Castle Gold coloured pencils?

As well as a fantastic range of standout shades, Castle Gold coloured pencils come with a 36-page handbook full of tips and demonstrations from our in-house artists. Explore key colouring techniques and learn how to make the most of your new art supplies with advice on holding, sharpening, caring for, and using our pencils for the best results.

You’ll also receive an inspiring, step-by-step ‘Gold Frieze’ tutorial that guides you through the colours and techniques used to create the images featured on the front of your pencil set.

Every Castle Gold set comes with a high-quality tester sheet for swatching. Our zip-case editions also include a selection of four A5 sketchpads, allowing you to experiment on white cartridge paper, black paper, beige portrait paper, and Bristol board.


What can you use Castle Gold coloured pencils for?

The Castle Gold collection can be used to create stunning drawings, complete your favourite colouring books, and bring mixed media art projects to life. These pencils offer excellent control over the marks you make and allow you to draw on almost any surface, from paper and board to wood, canvas, eggshell, and even sandpaper! Convenient to use and easy to carry, our pencils can easily be used with other media such as watercolour, graphite, charcoal, pastel, and ink.

A close up of an artist's hand holding a Castle Gold coloured pencil. She is using it to colour in a butterfly drawing.


What our customers say about Castle Gold coloured pencils

Our customers say it best – our gold-standard pencils deliver unmatched quality and exceptional results. Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received from artists like you:


These pencils made me give all my others away. They are vibrant and they last!

 - Joanne J.

I think the Castle Arts Gold pencils are perfect…not too soft and not too hard. My hand doesn’t ache after colouring from having to use more pressure, but I still feel very in control of how the colour is working with the paper.

- Lorie N. 

Really love these. Very creamy and fun to colour with.

- Susan R. 

I’m really impressed with the quality of these pencils. Nice vibrant colors, easy to blend and layer. The presentation is top notch and the extras, such as the tutorial booklets and the pencil tester sheet, are a nice addition.

- Gabriela R.


Artwork created with Castle Arts Gold coloured pencils

Thousands of artists have created stunning, vibrant pieces using Castle Gold coloured pencils. Discover these impressive creations made by our creative community and the incredible results our pencils can achieve.

<img src="decorative-image-title.jpg" alt="”>- Kim C.

<img src="decorative-image-title.jpg" alt="”>- Maria L.

<img src="decorative-image-title.jpg" alt="”>- J.C.Z art

<img src="decorative-image-title.jpg" alt="”>- Gabby

<img src="decorative-image-title.jpg" alt="”>- @silviafreiportraits


Experience the Castle Gold difference with our professional-grade coloured pencils, crafted with vibrant pigments and enhanced hardness for maximum control. Every purchase is backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee, so you can try Castle Gold coloured pencils risk-free – and if you’re not fully satisfied, we'll provide a replacement or full refund.

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